“What? – Body and Mind development? Are you crazy? We only invest in “Skills improvement…. You know — things like new technology, safety, operations, management techniques. Why waste time on that positive thinking stuff?”

Jack Welch, the CEO of General Electric that increased GE’s value 4,000% in his 20 year tenure, says – “The most valuable investment we made was in our people. All board room plans are executed and accomplished, or not, by our people!”

Would you feel more comfortable and prefer a happy, positive, relaxed physician or mechanic operating on you or fixing your car — or a frustrated, upset, stressed-out, doctor/mechanic? Would you feel safer in the air with a happy, positive pilot or air traffic controller — or a disgruntled, negative, angry pilot/controller?

How about your daily co-workers? Is it more motivating to work with a happy, constructive, helpful, creative, considerate team member or a complaining, demanding, selfish associate?

And your spouse — do you want to come home to a cheerful, loving, thoughtful, even-tempered, passionate partner — or an impatient, whining grump? With all the people you interact with — son, daughter, employee, employer, client or supplier — do you want to be around dependable, positive, pleasurable people, no matter what happens — or the type that explode at the first sign of difficulty?

Positive attitude enhancement is a basic prerequisite curriculum for all personal and employment development programs. If a person’s attitude is substandard, results of all “skills” improvement training will be substandard. You can build a winning organization by developing the positive personal power of your individual team members. That’s what our program is all about!!

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