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Your $1900.00 $129.00 investment returns terrific value!!

  • 3 nights deluxe lodging!
  • 8 Delicious, nutritious meals including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Thursday and Friday, and Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday!
  • Experiential workbook!
  • Four additional books!
  • Full Audio CD copy of entire three day program!
  • 90-day mental, physical and emotional exercise chart!
  • 7 Mental exercises to internalize this material and make it part of the way you Think, Act and React!!

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So what’s the investment? About 18 cents a day if you only live 30 more years.

The cost, if you don’t join us, is a lifetime of ½ living, with as many bad days as good, a roller coaster of ups and downs, and continued self doubt, frustration, anxiety, stress and worry when life doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped all the time. A very expensive loss of so many Happy, Encouraged, Excited, Passionate, Fulfilling days. And a lifetime of answering “pretty good” to “how are you?” instead of a resounding “TERRIFIC!”

For less than 18 cents a day, answer “TERRIFIC” every day — 9 cents if you are around for another 60 years!!

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Ready to register? Use the form below for online registration. A deposit of $900 will be due by September 19th. The balance will be due by October 5th.

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