Meet Bill

Bill Seifert
“Hello, and thanks for joining us! Please know this is not your typical weekend seminar, but the first step on your life-long enjoyment of new mental techniques for your ultimate happiness!!”

Bill is proud to be responsible for over 100 million dollars in sales in the Seminar, Personal Productivity, Travel, and Floral industries.

As VP of Sales for San Francisco’s Sybervision, Bill hired and trained some 85 sales professionals and took the company from start up to 15 million in yearly sales. As VP of Sales with Sales Reps on Line, Bill took them from start up to merger with Siebel and eventual purchase by Oracle’s!

A veteran of over 1500 presentations, Bill Seifert has the ability to instruct, inform and inspire in the entertaining and motivating style that insures audiences lasting benefit from his interactive programs!

Confidence, Attitude, Skills and Habits Build Productive, Happy, Successful People! Productive, Happy, Successful People build prosperous efficient organizations!

The largest investment for most companies is in their people!
All executive boardroom plans are executed and accomplished (OR NOT) by People!

We Build People, People build your Bottom Line!!

Bill is proud and thankful to have shared the stage and been mentored by many of the worlds most famous names in the personal productivity and seminar industry including: Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins!

Bill has enjoyed a lifelong passion for helping people get where they want to go, and he looks forward to guiding you to the ultimate enjoyment of your life!

This is not a weekend seminar — it is your new lifelong association with your mastermind mentor group!!

Call for details - 877-99H-APPY