Who Says?

“I have enjoyed positive thinking and motivation books, CDs and seminars all my life and (not ‘But’) your program finally gave me the tools to make it stick in both my conscious and subconscious mind all the time for real, constant benefit!”

– Steve Brousse, Ralleys Super Markets

“A huge part of successful sales is keeping the right attitude and focus, especially when sales are slower! After my terrific experience with you, we are eager to have all our reps attend your program and enjoy the increased sales I am confident they will create!”

– Jay Sandburg, VP Sales Delta Corp.

“Your program is the REAL DEAL! Practical, Doable, Daily exercises and mind framing techniques. Yours is the best educational investment we have ever made!”

– Greg Stern – Van Guard Investments

“Your program is a meaningful, unforgettable, life changing experience that has significantly improved the professional and personal performance of all of our team members who have attended. It is making a tremendous difference in every area of our lives.
We are all happier, healthier, safer, kinder, more creative and more productive. Our investment is returning terrific dividends on a growing basis. We look forward to having more of our team members enjoy your future programs!”

– Robert Burket – Target corp. H.R.

“We had a family reunion last 4th of July. I had not seen my brother and sister for a long time and some of the family for years. Everyone said “What happened to you”? You’re a different person with a new personality, energy, healthy look and real pleasure to be around! Thanks Bill!”

– Ted Johnson – Bank of America, Wealth Management

“My family has spent money on therapists for years. They should have taken your program – this should be a prerequisite for any life therapy degree”!

– Rosanne Kagan – ReMax

“Life can be a constant roller coaster of enjoyment and disappointment. We all have family disagreements , business reversals, financial or health challenges we can’t control from time to time. Thanks for giving me the tools, techniques and strategies to persist and resolve those times for my eventual success!”

– Pamela Palmeri – Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant

“I took your program after hearing of the experience of a client of mine thinking it would improve my business. I am even more excited about the way I know it will increase the fun of my relationships with family, friends and everyone I meet! Thanks Bill.”

– Evelyn Dury, Valley Fabrics

“Thanks Bill – I use your “Cancel, Cancel and Reframe technique every day!”

– Tim Porter, Golden Gate Construction

“All your sections are great! I use your “Most valuable minute” concept many times a day”!

– Randy Roth – VP sales Metro PCS

“Proud to say I went after my lifelong dream of opening my own business shortly after attending your program last year. You helped me realize I was already ‘all I needed to be’. You helped me feel the confidence and belief in my ability to be the success that I am!”

– Thanks Bill, Chris Denke – Denke Marketing Consultants

“Shortly after my three days in San Francisco I started smiling at everyone I met or saw – the reciprocal response just made me feel so good that I can’t get the smile off my face! So simple and so much fun!”

– Julie Segura – FedEx

“I had a heart attack last year and was very scared about my life and the little that might be left of it. If I had taken your program years ago, I’m sure it never would have happened and don’t think I have to worry about it anymore. Plan to live Happy, Healthy and to a Hundred!”

– Nick DiRenzo – American Express Travel

“Wow – Every one of your modules are TERRIFIC!! Why isn’t this taught in school?”

– Cathy Stuart – Costco HR

“Life is a smorgasbord of delicious opportunities. Your daily menu is a perfect reminder of how to enjoy all your best choices!”

– Olivia Olstrum – The Avril Group

“We all know what we should and should not eat, do and think. When you experience these delicious meals with a group of motivated , enthusiastic, like minded people it just feels great and starts a good new habit!”

– Jeff Arenson – OutRigger Resorts

“After my divorce I seem to have constant disappointments, and problems – nothing was working right in my life. A good friend kept suggesting your program and finally dragged me kicking and screaming to San Francisco with him. Halfway through the second day I was actually laughing at myself for not doing your program sooner. Wish I hadn’t wasted so much time moping around. Life sure feels better when you look forward to everyday”!

– Peter Newsom – Retired, Insurance sales

When salespeople can increase their commissions after our program, this is a lucrative investment!

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